International Peace Week Celebration

International day of peace was celebrated last 21st of September 2015 with its theme Partnerships for Peace, Dignity for All. This day was full of positivity and peaceful ambiance as all the 4th year education teachers participated and organized the said event. The week long celebration of peace started by attending a mass by giving thanks to all the blessings that the Lord has given to each one of us and it was followed by releasing of more than hundred blue balloons and dove that shows the start of the peace celebration. The celebration continued as we prepared the art and photo exhibit. In this exhibit, the students, teachers and school personnel was able to take a tour and saw the different peace hug pictures, selfie for peace photos, the contest for peace mosaic and the storytelling for the environment together with the creative, artistic and resourceful portfolios that the 4th year etopics students have made. As the celebration continues, different activities were made and seminars and trainings were conducted wherein the different students from different schools were the participants.

Yes, I admit that it was very tiring and exhausting to have and organized a one-week event and the part that the exhibit was assigned to us and that make it more bone-tired on our part. However, despite all the sweat poured, stinky feeling and sleepless nights, what I really loved from this activity is how our friendships become stronger, the unity that we established and the fun that we shared together regardless of how tired we are. The learning and experiences that I gained from this activity is one of the best and memorable one that I will treasure for the rest of my teaching profession and to share this kind of experiences to my future students.


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