Wow! Welcome back to me. Such a long time when I wrote my last post here. 3 months have passed and now I am here bringing this blog to rise again. 🙂 Tons of things had happened and I will start with my General Teaching Experience. Yieee

I can say that my general teaching experience was a blast. A blast of all the information, learning, and memories that I gained from this practice teaching. I remember when I first met my students and it was very hard for me that time to handle their behaviors. Everyday was very challenging because most of my students were always distracted and you always need to get their attention. However, it was a great feeling everytime my students responded on what I am asking. Even how small it may be like just by saying the words you ask them to say, the feeling is unexplainable. On the other hand, it was also hard whenever one of them show tantrums during the discussion and all of the class will follow. Nonetheless, I find my teaching a fun and memorable one because you are not just teaching your students but also how they teach me to become a better teacher that they need. I am also happy that little by little they can recognize me as their teacher.

February 01-05, 2016 was my last week at Hand Prints because I already completed the required 220 hours. Though, I will still attend my kinder class until for my final demonstration which scheduled on February 24, 2016. Also, I will continue to attend my class so that my students will still know me and I can still get their attention. Before I finish my 220 hours, I accomplished all the things I need to finish. I checked the books of my students, I recorded their scores, I finished my lessons.

Last 24th of February we had our final demonstration. I already prepared my lesson and instructional materials 2 weeks before this demonstration. My cooperating teacher checked my lesson plan and we had this dry run 2 days before my demo. Thank God because in this dry run I was able to experienced what might happen on the day of my final demo. I was just in my motivation part where I used puppets and while I am using them, my students already grabbed the eyes and the hair of my puppets. That was the reason why my cooperating teacher suggested that maybe I can change my motivation part and that’s where I came up on having a big book as my motivation.

During my final demonstration, my cooperating teacher really prepared for this final demonstration. She and the student assistant supported me all the way. They even had a general cleaning for this final demonstration and prepared all the students. Thank God I was able to deliver my final demonstration well. I managed to use well all my instructional materials and activities. The very special thing about my final demonstration was all my students were very participative, didn’t show any tantrums and everyone was so calm and attentive. I can say that I really had a successful final demonstration. I delivered my lesson very well. My cooperating teacher and my evaluator commended that I had a great final demonstration. That was also the day wherein we said goodbyes to all the teachers there at Hand Prints. One of the heads also talked to us one by one and asked us for our plans and said that we are always welcome to work and be part of their school.


Community Map. 🙂


To sum it up, it was really a fun, meaningful and memorable experienced that I gained from this practice teaching. I really learned a lot from this practice teaching and how I was trained enough in handling student with special needs. It was a great experience that we were exposed to the different situations of these students with disabilities. I was also glad that I learned some of the techniques and methods on how to handle these students. And on the other side, it was also so great to build and met new people who you shared all your laughter and memories. All the teachers and teacher assistants were very nice to all of us practice teachers. I just could not ask for more for the great friendship that I had with them. I will really miss all of them and I wouldn’t be able to finish my Practice Teaching with flying colors without all the help and guidance they have given to me.

With my Cooperating Teacher, Teacher Ann. 🙂
The fruit of my labor. Full Narrative Report of my Practice Teaching. 🙂


Much love ❤ LA VIE EST BELLE ❤


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