The Sunday Currently: Vol. 4

Yey! My The Sunday Currently Volume 04. Here it is..




all the different steps in making different kinds of instructional materials that I will be using for my 2 teaching demonstrations. Need to prepare now. I don’t want to rush.


my detailed lesson plans. I finished 7. So 8 more. I don’t know why but everytime I write my detailed lesson plans I always do it for almost 2 hours.


to nothing. Actually while I am typing this I am watching KMJS. I love their episode tonight. 🙂


about what motivations will I use for my lessons and what other interactive activities will I present to my Kinder students. Hay


nothing. Plain night.


that Sir P will allow me to adjust the time for my final teaching demonstration. I know it was my fault when I said that time and now I super duper regret it. 😦


for my wish to come true. Pls. Sir P. 😦


my presko short and tshirt that looks like rag. 😀 I am just comfortable with it besides I am just inside our house with no other strangers that might see how I look. 🙂


the productivity I am doing right now. I need to continue this. More motivation pls. 🙂


to eat shawarma. Argg. Craving attack!


to finish at least 2 more detailed lesson plans tonight.


a little bit nervous. I am thinking lots of things right now and most of them are negative. 😦


the mouse of the computer, my cellphone

So you, what are you doing? try and join The Sunday Currently by siddathornton here

La vie est belle.


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