The Sunday Currently: Vol. 3

Finally! These past few Sundays, lots of things happened. We’ve been busy going here and there, going out everywhere. Every Sunday we usually went home late that’s why I was not able to write or update my TSC anymore. My last TSC was when I celebrated my birthday and I am just so happy right now. It is really good to be back. So here it is…




my topics for tomorrow’s discussion because I will be the one who will teach the kinder students for this week.


my detailed lesson plans. I need to finish my 15 detailed lesson plans because final teaching demonstration is fast approaching. Good luck! Whoo


to If My Heart Was a House by Owl City. Omg this song is so perfect! ❤ Owl City never fails to make us feel that love is just there.


about what lessons will I teach for my 2 teaching demonstrations.


our dinner, Pulutok (A Kapampanga Bopis) Yummy! 🙂


for a miracle to happen. I really have lots of wishes. Haha 🙂


that my pimples will go away. It is so annoying every time I can feel them whenever I touch my face and I can’t help but to pinch the. Yhh


my favorite daster! So presko. 🙂


the new theme of La vie est belle. Check it more here


that my tablet will be okay so soon. Please I really need to transfer my files.


to finalize my Instructional Materials for tomorrow’s teaching.


super blessed. Thank you Lord for this great day. ❤


the mouse of the computer, my cellphone

So that’s it! My The Sunday Currently Volume 3. Hope that I will be able to update more of my TSC. 🙂 So you, what are you doing? try and join The Sunday Currently by siddathornton here

La vie est belle.


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