2015-Year End: Baguio Escapade

The unexpected moments become the best memories. Yes I really believe in this saying. You wanna know why? Because with less preparation and with no bomba friends we were able to visit Baguio City! Yay! One of my best girlfriends specifically Ghel asked us if we could help her to go to Baguio City to meet different companies for their upcoming plant tour. She even said that she would provide our transportation fee. So are we gonna said no with that kind of offer plus the fact that it will be my first time to go to Baguio? So I said yes excitedly despite of not asking my parents if they would allow me but I know them specially my mama, she would support me in this haha. Moment na talaga namen toh!

So we planned to have our Baguio escapade after Christmas which is we agreed on the date December 28, 2015. We went to the bus terminal 11pm and because we have to wait for the bus going to Baguio to come, we waited for almost 2 hours. The bus arrived at 2am and then we started on our travel! Yay! We arrived at Baguio City around 5:30 in the morning. So around 3-4 hours of travel. I feel asleep during the travel because I am not feeling well. Actually before the travel I am not in my good condition and I feel like having a mild fever. Nevertheless, nothings gonna stop us from having fun and rocking Baguio City! Hehe. The coldness of Baguio was unbeatable. It was my first time to experience that kind of cold. I guess it was 14°C that time (I thought that time my fever went high haha pero kinakaya padin. hehe)

A few minutes of stopover. Ghel was not here. She was sleeping inside the bus. 😀


The arrival! 😀


While waiting for the Baguio Municipal to open we went first to Burnham Park and the coldness brrrrr. . We even saw lots of Baguio peeps jogging that early morning. They don’t mind the cold! They said that when the weather is cold, it is the best time to burn fats because you will really have to strive to get sweat with that kind of weather.







Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun 🙂

While we still waits for the municipal to open, we ate our breakfast in a small korean food stall. We ordered ramyun and a very huge watermelon. Still my body was not in a good condition but I still tried to eat but wasn’t able to finished my ramyun. Sayang masarap pa naman sa anghang swak na swak sa lamig ng Baguio.

YUMMY for only Php10.00 each. 🙂

Why does my face looks a little bit scary here? haha #sinatpamore #wrongtiming

At 8am the Baguio Municipal was opened and Ghel talked to one of the representatives. They gave us all the plantation companies and we immediately went to all those companies.

Mr. Sun came. Heavenly feeling. ❤




Here we are at Baguio Plantations.



After visited and coordinated to the different plantation in Baguio. Next stop was we have to look for Manang Tess, the owner of the  transient house that Ghel and her classmates will be staying at.

We went back to Burnham Park and luckily no crowded tourists yet.


We were not able to try to ride on these bikes because we were running out of time. Chos! but we really have to look first for Manang Tess.


Picture first! So perfect place. Feels like we were out of the country. Haha



Looking for Manang Tess. 😀


Finally! We were able to find the transient house of Manang Tess. It was a beautiful place to stay though it was a little bit far from the Burnham Park.


We rode a taxi in going back to Burnham Park or should I say going to the terminal of Mines View Park. Yes! Mines View Park was our next stop and before we were about to go there, we had our lunch first and we experienced this 2 hours of line at the terminal going to Mines View Park. Yes 2 hours! We tried to rode a taxi but the taxi driver does not want to take us to Mines View because he said that it was traffic going there due to lots of tourists. So, no choice we have to face the long line in order to see the Mines View.

And waiting be like… hahaha I was not able to feel the 2 hours because of these crazy friends that I have. Hahaha. We just had a crazy moments to ignore the long line. #dangwa #mybebelove. Hahaha. The video was uploaded at the end of this post. 🙂

Finally! At Mines View Park. Yipee!

And this time crowd tourists surprised us. Kaya naman pala pahirapan pumunta dito. But still we succeed in going here! Yay!



Yay! Wearing of the colorful Igorot Native Dress for only Php20.00












After the sight seeing and picture taking to the breath taking view, we bought some pasalubongs for the love ones. Chos! hehe


After buying some pasalubongs, our real planned was to go to the Paskuhan Village but unfortunately, Clarissa said that there was an entrance fee of 100 pesos and we were not prepared for that entrance fee anymore because we really do not have any money that time. Sad huh. 😦 Katakawan kase lol. Haha. So we just agreed to go to SM Baguio and it was also already late that time. It was around 7pm and we look for some foods there but didn’t find any vacant place to eat (grabi talaga dami ng tao) so we just decided to eat at the terminal. We ate lugaw and luckily I was able to eat naman what I ordered but I did not finished it at all. Still not in a good condition huh after all the gala? Haha. Yes I drank my medicine every after 4 hours so I felt a little bit better that time plus I really did not feel any sickness at all because I am with the best crazy friends. Naks! Haha. We left Baguio City at 9pm and we arrived at Pampanga at 2am. My parents fetched me that time and my tatang was not mad hehe. 🙂 I fell asleep the whole travel so when we got home I felt a little bit okay and I missed the Pampanga heat. 😀



Super thank you guys, Clarissa, Liberty and most specially to Ghel for granting one of my wishes. Hahaha. I enjoyed my first Baguio experience with you guys that was filled with  craziness and laughter. Truly we will never have any dull moment together. Kamuritan always! Love you so much guys. I will miss the shaky feeling due to the super cold weather, the strawberry taho and sweet fruits, all the places we’ve been and of course those fun memories that we did in Baguio. After this travel, I found the true meaning of a strong connection between friends. We are sisters by heart. I love you guys and super thank you for making the last days of my 2015 super mega extra special and fantastic! Mwaah! More to come! Love Love. LA VIE EST BELLE. ❤




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