SPED Christmas Party 2015

After our Christmas parties to our respective teaching school, we, the SPED family decided to have a Christmas Party! Yaaay! And it went so much fun!! December 21, 2015 we had this awesome party and it was held at the Aircraft, Airforce City in Clark. But before this event, we already asked the full cooperation of each other that every group should prepare their games with prizes, the exchange gifts and many more. Call time was 12:30pm and as usual “filipino time” so we have to wait for the others to come and went to the Aircraft around 1:30pm not bad for one hour huh? 😀 So going back, when we arrived at the place, we fixed our things first and put together all the gifts. How about our foods? Yes! Thanks to Gracia and to her ever supportive family for shouldering the super yummy foods because it was also the very special day of Gracia, it’s her birthday that’s why she chose for the date to make her birthday and the Christmas party to be as one. When Gracia and her family arrived and the foods, we already ate because most of us didn’t eat our lunch. So lafang pa more! haha.

We had alot of games like Kantaririt, Caterpillar Game, Newspaper dance, Charades, 12 days of Christmas, the games of the newspaper gifts (that was super fun! hahaha) and many more games I don’t know what were their names. To summarized, it was truly a very memorable party, full of laughter and everyone enjoyed the day. We all just felt having a more stronger friendship in each of us. We build not just a simple classmates to each other, not just a friendship, but the deeper relationship of being a family despite of our own differences coz we are sped, special kids right? haha. No, but truly I thank and continue to thank God for letting all these people to be part of my life. They just simply, humbly, adorably amazing and I can’t asked for more. SPED is L<3VE. SPED is F<3MILY.



Look! Our baby JM is with us! So cute! ❤ He is the nephew of Armi.


Yummy Food pa more! 🙂 Happy Birthday Gracia.<3




We are just so cute. Hihi



 The newspaper exchange gifts! Hahaha. Funny how it will tricked you to death! 😀

 Everyone is getting their gifts and you are lucky if you got the nice gift but sorry if you got the nonsense gift and that’s the thrill of this kind of exchange gift! Good luck to your fate! 😀

Armi, Ysabel, Ria and Ira were the ones who got the nonsense gifts but of course they didn’t went home crying because we changed the nonsense gift they got to a more nice and perfect gift! 🙂

Armi – from getting an old and used candle, we changed it into a very cutey bear cuddler and notebook.

Ysabel –from getting an old and used bottles of alcohol and deodorant, we changed it into a very useful tissue plus headband and sunglasses. Oha! 😀

Ria – from getting an old and used baby bra (haha), we changed it into a very cute ponytail and hair clip. Oh atlit ah. 😀

Ira – from getting an old and used tshirt, we changed it into a very beautiful and fashionably hanging shirt which Ira liked very much. ❤


And of course we also had our real exchange gifts wherein we got what we really want. 🙂 Despite of the very very light rain, we continued our party and before we went home we  had few more games and again everyone of us went so wild and crazy! hahaha12395428_1137788762939132_180445649_n12421336_1137788822939126_83825225_n12421620_1137788792939129_1604562445_n

Thank you so much Sped Family! Good luck to all of us. Few steps and we are coming to our own road of success! Cheers! La vie est belle! ❤


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