Send-off Mass

17th of November 2015 where all the 4th year Student Teachers had their send-off mass held at the Holy Guardian Angel Chapel. All the graduating teacher education students from different majors attended the mass. It was a mass to bless us all for our upcoming deployment which started the day after this send-off mass and also in preparation for our practice teaching in the real teaching world. Mixed feelings and emotions! Excited, nervous, and the feeling of i-dont-know-what-to-do are all bugging us and hoping and praying that all our cooperating school and teachers will be kind and considerate enough to all of us practice teachers. Well, just continue to pray and to have a positive outlook on this journey that we will be facing and always remember that no matter what happens, God is always on our side to push and guide us to the road of success! Aja!

Here are some of the photos we took after the mass. We are just so eager to have a class picture wearing our very new and sexy Practice Teaching Uniform! 😀

Teacher Ed Students Major in Special Education. ❤






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