Not a teen anymore: 20th Birthday

15th of November 2015 was the day when I said bye to my teenage life. Yes! Not a teen anymore. I just turned 20 and every time I think about it I still feel like everything is nuh just have this feeling of nostalgia. Well despite of all these I-dont-know feeling, I guess being a matured and turning into a grown up woman might be a great one! Nevertheless, my farewell to my teenage life went into very special and memorable one. I spent my special day with people I love most. My familia! We went and had a picnic at Aircraft Park, Air Force City, Clark Air Base, Pampanga.

Mother with Tita Lhet ❤


Tito Vher and Tita Lhet with Lj! 🙂
Wag na masyado isipin un. Enebeh! 😀


Lj enjoys playing. hihi


Ang cute ng cake ko. Go Lj blow our cake. 😀


Happy birthday to me! 😀
The place is so big! ❤


Selfie! Smile. 😀




Remember the post I posted here about my November Wish List? In case you forgot or just don’t know all about it here it is click here.  Yes that’s my birthday wishes and luckily I got half of all those things. Hihi. I just wanna say thank you thank you to all of you guys especially to my family for all the gifts. So much love to all of you guys. ❤ Thank you thank you. 



I am so touched by all these messages. Hihi grabe kayo. I value much letters than material things. These ones are the most to be treasured for the rest of mah life. Naks! But that’s true! Thank you supah friends! Mwah ❤

Again! Happy Happy Birthday to me! Thank you Lord for always showering me with all your blessings. Praise God.




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