HPSPE Faculty & Staffs Christmas Party

After all the teachings, making lesson plans, test papers and many paper works, we are just so lucky to be part of the Hand Prints family and for inviting us (the practice teachers) to all their activities and recently to their Christmas Party held last December 16, 2015. It was my first ever party where I am with the teachers and staffs of my cooperating school for my practice teaching. It was a very fun party. Lots of freebies and prizes where everyone won. Hehe I won a noche buena package! Hihi. There was also lots of fun games and everyone of us enjoyed all the games. In the exchange gifts part, I got what I want hehe. Thanks to my cooperating teacher who got my name and for buying a very nice and beautiful bag. Hehe. It was truly a night full of laughter, craziness and moments to be cherish. ❤

With Teacher Anne on the 1st picture and with Teacher Jonard on the second. 🙂




Me, Teacher April and Teacher Dolph. Yes we are the practice teachers. 🙂 Wait, Teacher Jed is missing. hehe

Here she is with our cooperating teacher, Teacher Anne! 🙂


Meet Teacher Anne, my cooperating teacher. Ganda namin noh? 😀


The HPSPE Staffs and Teachers. 🙂


The HPSPE Staffs and Teachers. 🙂


Freebies! ❤ Thank youuu. 🙂




PS. Some photos are not mine. Credits to the owner. Hi Teacher Anne! Hihi

        I am just so happy that we got the chance to join this party because I felt all their full hospitality and as if we stayed for a long time but the truth is it was just a month when we started to become a practice teachers in their school. We are just so grateful that we now feel the closeness between us and the teachers and the staffs. Hoping that we will build a more stronger relationship till the end. As I always said on my reflections, I am really enjoying my practice teaching now and I will forever treasure all of the memories and happy moments that I will collect in this practice teaching, in my teaching journey. Thank you again Hand Prints Faculty and Staff. So much love. God bless us all. 🙂 MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂



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