I believe that every child has the right to every child has the right to…

  • be accepted as a unique individual,
  • grow and mature in terms of physical, emotional, intellectual as well as spiritual,
  • be safe and provide their individual needs,
  • develop their skills and talents, and
  • express their own feelings, thoughts and opinions.

      As a teacher, I will help my students to…

  • build their self-esteem, deep love and respect for themselves,
  • promote respect for all things and to all the people,
  • experience success and to feel good toward themselves,
  • expose them to different activities that will direct them to the path they want to take in their future life,
  • showcase their talents to help them appreciate that they are not just ordinary students but with special abilities who can make a difference in the society, and
  • achieve their dreams in the future and be their guide toward their journey.

Lastly, being a future SPED teacher, I always believe that even though there will come a time wherein I will fail to help some of my students, I will just put into my mind that what is important is at the end of the day at least I was able to touch the lives of my students, to be able to make a difference and that I was not the only one who gives knowledge and teachings to them but as well as how these students will teach me to open my mind and my heart to the world of diversity. These are the things that I will surely need to put and to remind myself and that “the true value of learning is how the students developed holistically with the use of the teacher as the best instructional material.”

Crissandra P. Bautista



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