First day of our Practice Teaching class wherein we already met our professor Mrs. Norma Bulaclac and also the first time our classmates were able to see each other again after few weeks of semester’s break. So the class went to a very informative and reflective session. Ma’am Norma presented to us the rules and regulations of the class, the requirements of the course subject, and also the very important things I remembered were the exercises about our own self-efficacy and knowing the values that a great teacher should have.

      First thing we did was we were asked to answer the self-efficacy exercise. That exercise is all about our beliefs in our own ability to succeed in specific situations or accomplish a task that may happen to school, students, colleagues and communities. Most of my answers to every statement were high and it means that it will be easy for me to handle whatever situations or circumstances that I may encounter in the teaching profession. Yes I admit that I have this positive outlook or confidence toward this teaching job yet there are still times wherein I still doubt on my own capabilities as a mere person.

However, I just really wish that the results of my self-efficacy will turn out to be an encouraging start for me to really develop within myself the ability and determination to accomplish a task that I may bump in this teaching career that I chose.

We were also asked to list 10 values that a great teacher should have or possess. While I am thinking what traits or characteristics a teacher should have, I can already visualize myself that I really need to manifest all these traits because it is not just writing or listing them but also doing them and proving to everyone that

they may not recognize you as a great teacher but you know to yourself that you did great and for you that means that you already accomplished what a great teacher should be.

Lastly, Ma’am Norma presented some videos about what a great teacher is. I remembered Tonyo. The story of Tonyo and his teacher Mrs. Santiago is the story that left an impact on me. We should not ignore the needs of our students despite how stubborn they may be. We, as their teachers should learn how to still show respect toward them and learn how to discipline them in a professional way. In addition, we should also learn how to listen to our students because most of them believe that their teacher is their second mother.

So, as a teacher, we should learn how to pay attention to our students, to understand more of them and gives all their needs just like our own children before everything will all turn into regrets.


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