The Sunday Currently: Vol. 1

Yay Sunday! and it’s my first time to have my own The Sunday Currently. After reading this kind of blog post from some of the blogs I follow particularly Maine’s blog (which she also adopted it here) I find it really nice, cool and not to doubt of making one for my own dull life. 🙂 So sad I was not able to make one last Sunday which is the first Sunday of this month November. Well better late than never and hope to have more of this The Sunday Currently. So here it is.

Letter from the Teacher Ed Department regarding the practicum program



my facebook, twitter and viber messages. I was supposed to read the book Red Queen which my friend suggested me to read but I don’t know I’m not motivated to read right now.


my first The Sunday Currently


to The Fire by Kina Grannis. I am actually listening to Spotify right now with the playlist Quiet Sunday that plays chill pop music


about tomorrow’s medical examination. I’m scared! 😦 Trypanophobia. 😦 read my thoughts here

rachel-berry-glee-lea-michele-screaming-scared Smelling 

my new messy nail polish. So annoying! when will be my right time to learn how to put a perfect nail polish! #nailpolishproblems


for a successful medical examination tomorrow. Yeah plss. Not too hurt. Be Strong!


to remove this negative feelings that give me heebie-jeebies. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts! 🙂


my most comfortable sando and short


my family and friends forever. No ifs no buts ❤


to eat my favorite foods (shawarma, pizza, nachos, pasta, burger and fries)


to sleep early and stop thinking


unexplained. i-just-dont-know-why


the mouse of the computer.

So that’s it! My first The Sunday Currently. Despite of having these i-dont-know feelings, I feel blessed and will continue to be. Hope you had a great Sunday! 🙂

What are you doing? try and join The Sunday Currently by siddathornton here

La vie est belle. ❤


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