Get-up-and-go: MANILA

Nothing’s gonna stop us from having fun. After the adventure at Haduan Falls and few days before our 2nd and last semester will start, I decided to travel again and this time in Manila! I have been planning this travel together with one of my best friend naks (Edcille). I really want to make lakwatcha in Manila and I asked Edcille if she can be my travel buddy given the fact the she already knows all the information and direction of Manila. She studies at University of the Philippines Diliman, stays for almost 3 years there and she just go back here in Pampanga every weekends or holidays. When we are already set for our plan, I got a little worried because it’s been a year since the last time I went to Manila. Thanked God, Denyle (Armi’s boyfriend) accompanied me in going there. He just visited Armi here in Pampanga and he’ll go home at San Juan. I guess without Denyle I was lost wandering the cities of Manila. Super thanks talaga Denyle! hihi

We started to travel around 1 in the afternoon and reached Manila 3:30 in the afternoon. As planned, Edcille and I met at Sunken Garden in UP. During that time Edcille has a class and we have to wait for her class dismissal at 4:00. When Edcille’s class dismissed, we went to Mang Larry’ Isawan, the famous Isawan in UP. We ordered isaw and balun-balunan and it was the best heavenly Isaw I ever tasted plus the sauce and its affordable price for only Php6.00. Yiee sana may Mang Larry’s Isawan din dito sa Pampanga.

After the Isawan, Edcille said that they (her groupmates) will go to Maginhawa to do Burrito hopping. Denyle didn’t go with us anymore because he still need to meet his cousin who also study at UP Diliman.

It was my first time to go to Maginhawa Street and it was like a magical place because there was lots of FOODS! There you will see different cafes, bars and restaurants. Craving for different kinds of foods like burger, noodles, sundae, shakes, drinks, etc, Maginhawa has them all. Maginhawa is located near UP Diliman campus in Quezon City.

1We went to StrEat and tried the milkshakes at The Lost Bread. We  ordered the Spiked Cookie for Php120. This shake is not an ordinary shake. It comes with a dropper full of Bailey’s liqueur that you can mix into the coffee and chocolate chip blended milkshake. All I can say is that it was definitely a great milkshake I’ve tasted.


Me and Edcille while waiting for our order.
The Spike Cookie with a dropper full of Bailey’s liqueur! ❤

3 4 5 7 8After the Maginhawa food trip, the group mates of Edcille did some Burrito hopping for their project. I enjoyed joining them looking for different restaurants/stores that serves burrito (kahit nahiwalay kaming dalawa ni Edcille sa mga kagroup niya haha). At the end, we ended up eating at the last restaurant which is the Casa Quesadillas. There they tasted all the different flavors of burrito that they ordered from the different resto. I also ordered a Beef Burrito for Php165 and it was super delicious and their Quesadillas is also super good! After judging of what Burrito is the best, we already decided to go home because it’s kinda late and we still need to travel going to Mandaluyong (Flair Towers)

P.S all the friends/groupmates of Edcille were really nice. They were 5 and I only remembered Chin. 🙂

Anyway let’s continue so we already said goodbye to each other and one of the group mates of Edcille gave us a free ride and dropped us at Philcoa. There we rode MRT. We waited for almost 10-15 mins and it was a fun experience were in kailangan mong makipagsiksikan kung hindi maiiwanan ka talaga. Sorry nalang sa mga naipit ko or kung may natamaan man ako. 🙂 MRT is fully air-conditioned but you can still feel the super crowded inside. It was super fun, travel is so fast and I love the buildings, the views, the many lights that I am seeing during the travel. 🙂

So look at those passengers. Siksikan pa more. 🙂
She didn’t know I took a picture of her. hehe
Hagardo Versosa. 🙂

11Around 8pm when we arrived at Flair Towers. I met there Ate Loit (sister of Edcille) and Kuya Pong (Ate Loit’s husband). They were super kind and kwela. Super thankful to them for letting us stayed in their condo. I enjoyed being there. Nakakatuwa si Ate Loit dinaig pa ako sa pag-aasar kay Edcille. Haha. I saw in them the super closeness that every sister should have. So after the getting to know each other session, Edcille and I decided to have a quick swim to release all the super bone-tired feeling of long walks plus pollution of Manila in our body.

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22We are not allowed to go back to condo while we’re wet so we went to the playground to dry ourselves.


24 25Ooops Sorry for the siksik body hahaha. 😀

After going back to condo, took a bath and ate our dinner, we went to Deck of the condominium and all I can say was WOW AMAZING! It was my first time to see the beauty of Manila with all its buildings and the lights! Super magnificent! Hayy I fell in love with it! I felt like I was in the states. Yh super killig that moment just by seeing those beautiful building lights. ❤

Here I am. So beautiful.. city of lights. ❤

27 28 29It’s already late and we need to go back and rest because we still need to wake up 5am and go to Taytay with Ate Loit the next day.


31 32By the way, I also met Foucault, their beagle dog. He’s so amazing and according to Ate Loit he is a valedictorian in their class! At first I got scared everytime I saw a dog but Foucault is different, he’s very sweet and we thought that he likes me because he always kiss and smell me which makes shiver a little. But I love Foucault. He’s so attentive and very bright dog and after knowing Foucault it makes me want to have my own dog. 😦 Hopefully soon. 🙂

Here he is playing casino game! He just have to remove all the bones from that board and he did it! Galing! Clap clap!
Foucault and Ate Loit! 🙂

34 36 37The next day, we went to Taytay and there was a lot of stores there as in a lot. Para siyang tianggian at maadik ka dahil sa sobrang mura ng mga panindang damit! Super enjoyed! I bought 2 long back blouse and 1 dress. So excited to wear them! hihi. So we went to Taytay around 6am and we have to go back to UP before 10am because Edcille still need to attend her class. Unfortunately, due to the long travel plus traffic at Edsa, it was obvious that Edcille can’t make it going to her class anymore but we still have to go to UP. We also said goodbye to Ate Loit because she needs to go to her work.

Picture at Edsa Shrine. Medyo haggarda na talaga. haha

Back to UP! We went first at the dorm of Edcille to fix her things and after that we ate our lunch at Rodic’s Diner located at University Shopping Center, UP Diliman. Rodic’s is very famous for their Tapsilog. And I tell you that their tapsilog was by far the most heavenly, scrumptious, well-prepared and well-seasoned Tapsilog I ever tasted. They really serve the best Tapsilog in the country. It was my first time to taste it and definitely not my last. 🙂 Sarap! Per order is Php80 very student friendly. 🙂

I chose the sunny side up egg topping. 🙂
Edcille chose the scrambled egg topping. 🙂

After the Tapsilog. We bought ice cream! I chose the banana flavor and Pistachio for Edcille.

41.. 41 42We even visited the Holy Sacrifice Parish.43 44 45. 45 46We also visited the Lumads. Here we saw the real reason on what they are fighting for. #StopLumadsKillings



????????????????????????????????????The Museo Lumad

What a face! 😀

51 52 53 54We even volunteered to fold all those donated clothes.

55 56 58 59Last stop! The Oblation. I don’t know that they have a curse when you had a picture with the statue. The said curse is that madedelay kang gumgraduate! What!? Really? I got a little scared syempre graduating na ang lola niyo. Kaya pala ayaw na mag papicture ni Edcille. Well as they always said, let’s just prove to them that the curse is not true and will never happen! Sipag at tiyaga lang sa pag-aaral para makatapos! 😀

60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72It’s 3 in the afternoon and we have to go back to Edcille’s dorm to get her things so that we could go back and travel to Pampanga.

73 74 75 76

Haggardo Versosa na! :D
Haggardo Versosa na! 😀


Yey! Grabe! Super grabe! mixed emotions from all the experiences and memories that I got from this Manila travel. Super thankful to one of my super bestfriend Edcille na kahit we had a quick planned atlis natuloy. Kahit sobra dami gastos from all the pamasahe sa pag sakay sa buses, jeepneys and MRT at pagod ng bonggang bongga, super enjoy naman at super saya! Hope that this will not be the last to travel with you my friend lande! I really enjoyed a lot from our short Manila adventure. Next time we do this, kasama na ang buong gf’s at sana wala ng bomba.😀 Thank you again Eds and also regards to Ate Loit and Kuya Pong for making this trip extra special. Love you! xoxo

Oh I love sembreak! Next! Let’s plan for our summer break! Whooa! 🙂

UntitledAs with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination because No road is long with good company. ❤

La vie est belle. ❤


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