Another secret place in town: Haduan Falls

Yes! This is it! Thank God for we still have the chance to enjoy our semestral break. And this time we just thought of going back to Sapangbato where we first went to that secret hotsprings. But we thought of this another secret place that we should try to visit. And here it is! The Haduan Falls in Barangay Marcos in Mabalacat City.

I am a little bit excited in this travel adventure because after doing all the obstacle courses at Sandbox, I discovered to myself that I do love these kinds of dangerous adventures like this one.Haha! 😀 I do love now mountain climbing, trekking, and go on every breathtaking, electrifying and mind-blowing adventure! I feel like I am now a risk taker of my own life. Haha So, going back I am really eager to go in this Haduan Falls because it is a falls and you know what that means to me? Because this will be my first time to see a real, legit falls! Ang Saya saya lang! 😀

So here’s the start of our travel adventure. We rode a jeepney going to Haduan Falls and when we got to the place we paid for our entrance fee and tourist guide fee. After that, we already start our pamumundok! Whooa!

So here we are paying for our entrance and tourist guide fee. :)
So here we are paying for our entrance and tourist guide fee. 🙂
with the best trekking body. SPED pips. 🙂
Hi Ysabel and Chu. Excited na sila. 😀
Inip at naiinitan nako. Let’s go! 😀
Here we are Haduan Falls!

DSC_0352 DSC_0358 DSC_0365 DSC_0367 DSC_0369 12193290_914798651909313_4433854992172929710_n 12187930_914798758575969_6275759453496024859_nIt was just scary because you really have to pass through the rocky road. But it was fun and we just love the windy weather! It was not so hot that time and thank God that it didn’t rain. 🙂

12190801_1080272032006529_7331830795864933696_n 1948078_914798288576016_5368285940757341005_nOoops! Here we can already see the hanging bridge! Whoooa!

11231152_914798835242628_6440747835100606123_n 12189815_10205717592365109_8356131128466840147_n 12191997_914798925242619_6234897124024503806_n 12065910_914799031909275_4607832316575722817_nThis hanging bridge is 120 meters long and 1.2 meters wide. It links the Aeta community to Clark Freeport and the rest of Pampanga and Tarlac which is the only way used by the tribesmen to transport their commerce outside their community. For the complete info,please click

We asked our tourist guide if we are already near the falls but she said that we are just starting. Wow! Mahaba haba talagang pamumundok ito. Kaya pa! 😀

We forgot to take a picture of Nanay Inday (our tour guide). But here she is. :D No! haha That's Janella! :D Tthe one at the back of Janella is Nanay Inday and on Janella's side is also our tour guide but I just forgot her name.
We forgot to take a picture of Nanay Inday (our tour guide). But here she is. 😀 No! haha That’s Janella! 😀 The one at the back of Janella is Nanay Inday and on Janella’s side is also our tour guide but I forgot her name.
Alright! Tuloy ang lakad. 😀

DSC_0405 DSC_0427 DSC_0439 DSC_0451 DSC_0454

We have to stop because Chu experienced a little bit of dizziness due to the long walks. Di kinaya ng sexy body niya. 😀 😀
Ayan medyo napagod din ang mga lola niyo. Pahinga muna. 😀

DSC_0473 DSC_0483

Despite of all the tagaktak pawis. Tuloy padin! Akyat! 😀
The view. ❤

And here it is the most difficult path that we need to pass. All those rocky roads, big rocks plus the water on the river is kinda deep so we really have to double our own safety. Those rocks are also slippery that’s why from the very start Nanay Inday already gave us our own long stick or tungkod to help us in passing all these roads. Doble dobleng pag-iingat ang kailangan plus you must be good on how to balance yourself. I admit I took it easy easy lang pero nakakaloka nawalan ako ng balance dahil hindi ko natapakan yung isang bato at muntik na kong malublob sa tubig at buti nalang nakahawak agad ako sa malaking bato pero nabasa ko yung bag ni Chu (yes, I was bringing the bag of Chu because we are kinda scared she might fall anytime, so we just decided to help her by bringing her things). At sasabihin ko ulit hindi lang isang beses ako nangadulas madami at hindi lang ko ang nadudulas kami lahat. Haha Whoooa! What an experienced!

12047151_1222023237814734_2462832190989802802_n12063730_915104655212046_4561603881424725617_n12189760_1080272248673174_937906345295355549_n20151028_105635 20151028_105941 20151028_110418 DSC_0492 DSC_0490So after more than 2 hours of bone-tired long walks and passing all those slippery big rocks and rocky roads, we were able to take a glimpsed of the Haduan Falls! Wooow! Fantastic Baby! We arrived there before lunch around 11:30am.

DSC_0610 DSC_0524 DSC_0487 20151028_115609 20151028_135418It was a small falls but what made it more beautiful was the very cold environment plus the chilly water. Yes the water was super cold and it was like as if you are inside the ice. Super cold! Nginig to the bones talaga. When we arrived, there are also 2 groups of barkadas but the falls welcomed all of us. We enjoyed every moment, the swimming, eating our lunch while our feet soaked in the cold water of the falls.

Wag ng malalim ang iniisip Ysa! Kain lang ng kain! Hahaha 😀

20151028_120540 20151028_115846 DSC_0496 DSC_0498 DSC_0557 Kuya Gab and Denyle also tried cliff diving. They’re so brave! Clap clap. I was tempted to also do that cliff diving but I still love myself and I will just do it when I’m near to death. But surely cliff diving will be one of my bucket list. Maybe I will do it together with someone special. Charot! 😀

DSC_0506 DSC_0554So to sum up this travel experience, Yes!!! I really enjoyed it! The beautiful sights, all those tagaktak pawis, ang napakahabang lakaran, the falls and most especially the people I am with in enjoying this super duper mega extra fun adventure. Haduan Falls is really an amazing place that all of you should try to visit. If you’re up and looking for very adventurous travel, going to Haduan Falls is a must for you!

Haduan Falls is located at Barangay Marcos in Mabalacat City. You can rent a jeep in going there it will be cheaper I guess. So we just paid Php75 per head for the entrance and tourist guide fee. Make sure you should bring your foods because there was no stores there (there is a sari-sari store but it was far). There was also no comfort rooms there, so just be ready yourselves. 🙂 Another thing is you should wear your best comfortable clothes, if you want to wear rubber shoes much better because it will be easy for you to climb on those rocks. However, because you will need to pass those rivers, make sure you also bring slippers. Lastly, capture all the best moments that you will experience there. Just enjoy and make sure to keep yourselves safe all the time. 🙂 Happy traveling and Good luck! 🙂

And for you to see more of our Haduan Falls adventure here is our video…


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