The fun of learning and being part of Peer Mediation activity

As a facilitator


           What’s the feeling of being a facilitator? How did I prepare on this special task? And what lessons did I gain from this experience? When I heard that we are going to be a facilitator on the topic about peer mediation, I really had a lot of questions like how will I do it, is facilitating same as teaching and can I handle to act as a facilitator of college students and not acting like a teacher of elementary students where we were trained at. Well, thanks to the information and do’s and don’ts that I learned from our discussion about facilitation. In that way, I was able to incorporate that on my facilitation task. Our group is very lucky though a little pressure on our part because we are the first group to facilitate. When our group leader gave my topic, I really prepared for it. I read and mastered my topic and thought of an interactive activity that will catch the attention of my trainees. I prepared  my instructional materials that I am going to use and before the day of facilitation, I prepare and relax myself and kept in my mind the power of positivity and success of this facilitation. When the day of facilitation comes, I only relax myself for in the future this will only be a natural activity for me everyday but of course when I stand in front of the class I will admit that I really felt a little nervous but in the middle of facilitation little by little I began to be comfortable on what I am doing. Luckily and I thanked that my facilitation was successful that I felt for myself that I acted as a facilitator and not a teacher. I also thanked the trainees for participating well on the activity. However, based on the comments of my observers, some of them said that I speak to fast and I didn’t follow the time where I should stop and I accepted that as a constructive criticism on my part wherein that will be my guide on becoming a better facilitator on my future facilitation. Yet, there are positive comments which I am thankful at that they saw in me. Some said that I am good in facilitation and that the part where I incorporate humour on my facilitation where it catches the attention of the participants. To sum it up, my facilitation experience is a very memorable part on my teaching experience and that the trainees were not the only ones who learned but also as a facilitator I really learned not just on the activity, topic but also on the knowledge that my trainees shared.

As an observer

       The good thing about being an observer is that you just have to sit there, relax and just focus your attention on the facilitator and the trainees. But then again I didn’t say that being observer is an easy task. It is on the sense of physical wherein you just have to sit there but on the part of thinking, analysing and reasoning that’s a little tough. In addition, based on the evaluation paper given to us observers, there are some criteria there were I found it very difficult to observe and that there are some facilitators who didn’t demonstrate that kind of characteristics as a facilitator. Nevertheless, I enjoyed being an observer and that I guess for me I was able to help my classmates on how they can improve themselves as a facilitator by leaving a comment on their evaluation paper.


As a participant

       At first I thought that being a participant is very hard because some said that it was difficult because you have to think and that the facilitator will ask you a lot of activities to do like role playing etc. But based on my experienced being a participant is a fun and exciting part of the peer mediation. I really enjoyed and learned a lot on the activities that the facilitators prepared for us and that to answer that being participant is boring? Nope, it is not. It is only how a person handles, participates, focuses and enjoys every activity given to him/her.



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