Storytelling is one of the activities that we did for our subject ETOPICS.

In storytelling, the listener imagines the story. The storytelling listener’s role is to actively create the colorful, multi-sensory images, actions, characters, and events. The reality of the story in one’s listener’s mind, based on the performance by the teller and on the listener’s own past experiences, beliefs, and understandings.

The story assigned to us was “Si Inggolok At Planeta Pakaskas” by Rene O. Villanueva. We read the story and we made our action plan on what are we going to do for our storytelling. We had our ocular visit to the Day Care Center at Barangay Bagong Bayan. We saw the students busy working on their activities and it has been so nice how they are so cute and you can feel that the classroom is well conducive for learning. While we were there, we were able to plan and construct in our mind what will happen for our storytelling. We were also able to get to know the students and to give information and update the teacher on the date of our storytelling.

On the day that we conducted our storytelling, I felt the excitement. I felt the fun and learning that we are going to give to the students. What I learned about this activity is that the importance of having a team work and unity as a group in order for this activity to be successful. I learned and I love how in just a simple storytelling, we were able to give and teach the students the information and especially teaching the values that they need to develop as a whole person. Through storytelling, I am now beginning to open myself to all the possibilities in my future teaching profession. The interaction between the students is a great experience and I can now visualize how am I going to handle my future students. To sum it up, I really enjoyed this story telling activity and I thanked our subject ETOPICS and to our Professor Dr. Jean because through this activity, it gave us the opportunities to prepare ourselves as a future educator. I am just hoping that there are more activities that will happen, more opportunities for us all to gain not just information but as well as the experiences that we can share to our future students.


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