Midnight Musing


These past few days I always find myself drowning in different reverie. I don’t know if this was the effect of all the school requirements that we need to pass. It was during midnight were all the people were peacefully sleeping and here I am having a deep brooding about:

  1. If I will be an effective teacher in the future (6 months from now)
  2. How will I teach a child without having an attitude that “i only do this just to pass my subject”
  3. Can’t able to handle pain anymore (physically and emotionally)
  4. The feeling of guilt when I can’t able to help my friends
  5. The friendship separation (closeness)
  6. What will I do to the guy who left me and after a long time showed up just like a mushroom
  7. and… I just don’t know what to do that I just wonder and lost in the middle of the deep ocean

They (those who do not know me yet) think of me as a positive and confident person. Yes I am but I guess only few people who only knows that there are things that I can’t able to handle anymore.


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