Go out of your own box! Go to SANDBOX! :)


Looking for a fun, exciting and full of challenges adventure for holidays or for this coming summer? Well I will not tell you to go to different amusement parks and ride all the extreme rides there but if you really want something new and would love to try outdoor activities, Sandbox is the right place to throw all those excitement and eagerness to try new enjoyable activities under the sun!

Last 13th of October and it was our Sembreak where my friends and I decided to go to Sandbox and try those what they called extreme rides. We rode a jeepney and a tricyle in going there. It was a fast travel and no traffic maybe because we went there weekdays which we thought that only few people tried to visit on that time because most of them are still in school. We started to travel around 12:30 in the afternoon and we arrived at the Sandbox around 1:15 in the afternoon.

When we arrived there, luckily the place was not jam-packed. We went to the counter and we were shocked about the prices of the packages because based on what we saw in their Facebook page the prices there was cheaper than what we saw on that day. The representative told us that their prices were newly updated and that the prices in their Facebook page were not yet updated. The representative also said that we cannot longer avail all the packages because they were already been reserved. The representative also added that we can still do some of the activities like the Aerial walk, Free Fall, and Mini Golf. We were shocked upon hearing this because we went there to try the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline and said that it has been reserved and we already thought that we cannot longer have fun. Regardless, after asking and begging the representative to try Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline even though we will need wait for a long time, he already approved our request. We chose to do Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline and Aerial Walk. We paid for the entrance fee which is Phh80 per person, the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline is Php250 and the Aerial Walk is Php150.

Because we were not sure if we can ride the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline because the representative said that there is a long line, we decided to go there first. Happily, there was no line and we grabbed the opportunity to go and ride the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline!

Smile before doing the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline. 🙂 (Ate Jed, Ate Icka, April and me Sandy)
Smile before doing the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline. 🙂 (Ate Icka, Ate Jed, April and me Sandy)
Smile before doing the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline. 🙂 (Ate Icka, Sandy, April and Ate Jed)
Thanks to the super kind staff of Sandbox for  assisting us and for the good service. Two thumbs up!
Thanks to the super kind staff of Sandbox for assisting us and for the good service. Two thumbs up!
This is it! :) Wear safety harness. :)
This is it! 🙂 Wear safety harness. 🙂
This is it! :) Wear safety harness. :) (Ate Icka and Ate Jed)
This is it! 🙂 Wear safety harness. 🙂 (Ate Icka and Ate Jed)
This is it! :) Wear safety harness. :)
This is it! 🙂 Wear safety harness. 🙂
Picture first before doing the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline. :)
Picture first before doing the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline. 🙂
Picture first before doing the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline. :)
Picture first before doing the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline. 🙂
Jump Shot! :)
Jump Shot! 🙂
Picture first before doing the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline. :)
Picture first before doing the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline. 🙂
This is it! Going up up and zippppp! :D
This is it! Going up up and zippppp! 😀
(Ate Icka) This is it! Going up up and zippppp! :D
(Ate Icka) This is it! Going up up and zippppp! 😀
(Ate Jed) This is it! Going up up and zippppp! :D
(Ate Jed) This is it! Going up up and zippppp! 😀
(April) This is it! Going up up and zippppp! :D
(April) This is it! Going up up and zippppp! 😀
We are on top! No turning back! :D
We are on top! No turning back! 😀
Here we go! Ate Icka! :D
Here we go! Ate Icka! 😀
Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline! Whoooo! :D
Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline! Whoooo! 😀
Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline! Whoooo! :D
Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline! Whoooo! 😀
Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline! Whoooo! :D
Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline! Whoooo! 😀
Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline! Whoooo! :D Ate Jed Cheering for me! :D
Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline! Whoooo! 😀 Ate Jed Cheering for me! 😀

27Avatar One Roller Coaster is the first Avatar One in the Philippines. With its 180 meters long and 12 meters high and just imagine that from the platform, the zipline goes down, curves up, curves down, and turns right, until you reach the end platform.Thank God I survived this super fun and extreme ride! It felt like all the organs inside my body danced after the ride and thank God I did not throw up after that. 😀 My feet was just shaking. Regardless of the nerve shaking ride, I am so happy with myself that I conquered my fear of heights. I can still do it again next time when we go back there. It was fun and I guess they should make it 2 rounds so that I can definitely say that the penny I paid for was all worth it! hehe.  However, two thumbs up for this Avatar One Roller Coaster! Clap Clap! Ang saya saya lang. 🙂

Ate Jed all smile after she finished the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline! 🙂
I finished the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline! 🙂 Clap Clap for myself! 🙂
All smile after we finished the Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline! 🙂
Ate Icka happily posed in the Avatar One Roller Coaster and the Wall Climbing. 🙂
The after effect of the ride. :D :D (Ate Icka and Ate Jed)
The after effect of the ride. 😀 😀 (Ate Icka and Ate Jed)
The after effect of the ride. :D :D (April and Sandy)
The after effect of the ride. 😀 😀 (April and Sandy)

Aside from this Avatar One Roller Zipline, Sandbox also has other attractions like the Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Free Fall, Wall Climbing, and ATV ride. We just did the Aerial Walk and it was also one of the best ride I experienced!

The Aerial Walk! :)
The Aerial Walk! 🙂

The Aerial Walk is by far the most “makalaglag puso, kalamnan, kaluluwa, etc.” Yes, we thought of it as easy as 1,2,3 but shocks no! We have to pass all those more than 15 obstacle courses with high ropes, ziplines, and bridges like the Bouldering Traverse is like wall climbing, only sideways. The Seesaw is a bridge with seesaws you have to cross. The Diagon-Alley. This is a series of diagonal swings wherein you have to hold tight and maintain balance because your every step could swing you back and forth. What I like most is the Barreling wherein you have to crawl into the suspended barrels to get to the other side because that was easy and fun. The super intense courses I had a hard time were the Multi-Vine Traverse wherein you have to walk on a single cable and hold on to the “vines” or  hanging ropes for balance and another hard course is the Diagonal Ladder wherein Going up to the “second floor” of the Aerial Walk means going up the Diagonal Ladder. It really looks scary especially if you have fear of heights because you really have to balance yourself in walking on those ladder. However, don’t worry because in case you fall, the harness will keep you safe. Thank God I didn’t fall or so what. Balancing is really important in doing this activity. The last part of this Aerial Walk is doing the three ziplines! It was like going down from the third platform to the second until you reach the ground. It was fun and you will really feel that you have succeeded in this intense activity!

We did it for almost 30-45 mins I guess. And so proud of myself I finished it without crying or getting trauma! 😂 ‪#‎iconqueredfearofheights ‪#‎bestexperiencedsofar 😊😊🙌

After doing the challenge, I found out how important to follow some of its rules like:

  • Make sure to wear your comfortable clothes
  • You should also wear rubber shoes because there are obstacles that you need to pass by just using the rope.
  • Make sure you tie your hair because it might be a distraction to your face that will cause you to fall. Joke! Of course you will not fall. 🙂
  • Warm up! Expect that after doing the activity you will experience some pain in your body especially in your legs and arms.
Haggard after doing the Aerial Walk! 😀
‪#‎ngitingtunaynatagumpay 😀
‪#‎ngitingtunaynatagumpay 😀
SMILE FOR SUCCESS 🙂 ‪#‎ngitingtunaynatagumpay 😀
POSED AND SMILE FOR SUCCESS 🙂 ‪#‎ngitingtunaynatagumpay 😀
POSED AND SMILE FOR SUCCESS 🙂 ‪#‎ngitingtunaynatagumpay 😀
Ate Jed POSED AND SMILE FOR SUCCESS 🙂 ‪#‎ngitingtunaynatagumpay 😀
Ate Icka POSED AND SMILE FOR SUCCESS 🙂 ‪#‎ngitingtunaynatagumpay 😀
April POSED AND SMILE FOR SUCCESS 🙂 ‪#‎ngitingtunaynatagumpay 😀

Before going home we saw this ATV Adventure Ride and we asked if we can just take a picture and the staff with their kindness and without hesitation said yes. 🙂

Sandy riding the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) 🙂
April riding the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) 🙂
Ate Icka riding the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) 🙂
Ate Jed riding the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) 🙂
April and Ate Jed riding the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) 🙂

3 words to describe my SANDBOX Adventure = GREAT MEMORABLE EXPERIENCED! ❤

I just recommend that you go there early and try to arrive before they open at 9am. The entrance fee is Php80 per person and I also suggest that it is better to have a reservation on the packages they offer because you might also end up just choosing limited activities to try on. Make sure that you will also have a vehicle going there because the cost of transportation is a little bit high. Bring extra clothes and expect to sweat, especially if you want to do the Aerial Walk. 🙂 HAVE FUN! 🙂

SANDBOX is located at Alviera, Porac Municipality, Pampanga
Operating Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9am-5pm
Email: info.alviera@gmail.com
Tel. Nos.: 0936-988-6023 / 0917-803-3099 / (045) 432-0014
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlvieraPH
Website: http://www.alviera.ph
Instagram: @alvieraph



Exiting Nirvana

Exiting Nirvana is the second part of the book The Seige written by Clara Claiborne Park who is a mother of a child with autism. Park personally wrote these two books to share her daughter’s life having autism from toddler until her daughter turned 40 years old. Park perfectly described the story of her daughter in a deeply moving account of the experiences of autistic person’s journey. The word Nirvana on the title says that it is the freedom from the consequent suffering, as a result of the extinction of individual passion, hatred, and delusion. Exiting Nirvana as what Parks describes is that it is about Jessica’s or Jessy’s progress through adult life’s journey, a journey with many ups and downs, but one that has also led her to a relatively productive, satisfying life, and having a full-time job. Jessy rise from this Nirvana is largely the result of countless hours of time and patience from parents, siblings, friends, neighbors and others to let her experience what normal people do and let her experience that she is also like the other people who can have contribution in the society.

When Jessy was born in the late 1950s, autism was not well understood, and the current thinking was that autistic children were withdrawn in response to fear of not getting their needs met. To blame, according to this theory, were “refrigerator mothers.” When Jessy was young, her speech is always by no means typical. When she was 12 years old, she was stuck by the gap between her nonverbal competencies and her speech. Park concluded that her daughter’s autism was complicated by another handicap which is aphasia wherein it affects the ability to acquire and use words. Jessy has difficulty in her language that she wasn’t able to understand and use the proper pronouns. Ex. she still not yet able to refer the pronoun “I” and she even have more trouble with the use of “we”, “our” and “us”. However, with the helped and patience of her family especially her mother, Jessy were able to learn little by little and understand more of the context like values wherein she already learn how to emphatize. One day, Park discovered that Jessy has a special interest particularly in terms of drawing and that was the time when she found out that Jessy has the skill and the whole family supported and managed to helped Jessy in showcasing her talent. Jessy is now a 40 years old woman who works a real job, saves her money, cleans the house, and do a lot of activities that is far from ordinary for someone with such severe autism. She paints, and has had a number of shows where it exhibits the different paintings of her. Her paintings are mostly buildings and not so ordinary work of arts.

From the very beginning, I already saw and felt how Clara Clairborne Park and her whole family gave their full support to help Jessy to exit in her own nirvana. Her family has learned based from the different experiences that they had in teaching and guiding Jessy throughout her life. Some experiences are painful like how Jessy thinks and respond but as a family they worked and helped each other in order to give what are the needs of Jessy. Park has been carefully classify Jessy’s slow steps toward a social life.

I salute and impressed on how the efforts of the whole family had a great impact in helping Jessy to achieve her dreams and to give her the needs she needed like providing her the proper education and exposing her to different social situations. I was also amazed how they helped Jessy to have a normal life jobs and teaching Jessy that she can also make a big contribution in the society. They also raised Jessy to become an extremely bright woman who no doubt made progress in spite of autism because of her family’s full support, guidance and their involvement in her life. To sum up, this book was a good book to read wherein it will provide you a lot of information about autism. I admit that for me I just always think of how is the life of a child with autism but now after I read this book Exiting Nirvana, it comes on my mind that this book was right. It made me think of how about what will happen to the person with autism when they turn 40 years old like Jessy. Are they going to be successful? And how about the support of the family, can the family still show their full support until their children were old? These are just some of the thoughts that pop up on my mind and this book gives me another side to the life of a person with autism and the importance of the family support. Park’s account of her daughter’s life is a wonderful first step to changing the image of autism in a similar way. The story of Jessy Park makes a clear case for the value of special education and what a family can do to helped their children with autism until they turn into the older stage of their life.


Midnight Musing


These past few days I always find myself drowning in different reverie. I don’t know if this was the effect of all the school requirements that we need to pass. It was during midnight were all the people were peacefully sleeping and here I am having a deep brooding about:

  1. If I will be an effective teacher in the future (6 months from now)
  2. How will I teach a child without having an attitude that “i only do this just to pass my subject”
  3. Can’t able to handle pain anymore (physically and emotionally)
  4. The feeling of guilt when I can’t able to help my friends
  5. The friendship separation (closeness)
  6. What will I do to the guy who left me and after a long time showed up just like a mushroom
  7. and… I just don’t know what to do that I just wonder and lost in the middle of the deep ocean

They (those who do not know me yet) think of me as a positive and confident person. Yes I am but I guess only few people who only knows that there are things that I can’t able to handle anymore.

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 4

Yey! My The Sunday Currently Volume 04. Here it is..




all the different steps in making different kinds of instructional materials that I will be using for my 2 teaching demonstrations. Need to prepare now. I don’t want to rush.


my detailed lesson plans. I finished 7. So 8 more. I don’t know why but everytime I write my detailed lesson plans I always do it for almost 2 hours.


to nothing. Actually while I am typing this I am watching KMJS. I love their episode tonight. 🙂


about what motivations will I use for my lessons and what other interactive activities will I present to my Kinder students. Hay


nothing. Plain night.


that Sir P will allow me to adjust the time for my final teaching demonstration. I know it was my fault when I said that time and now I super duper regret it. 😦


for my wish to come true. Pls. Sir P. 😦


my presko short and tshirt that looks like rag. 😀 I am just comfortable with it besides I am just inside our house with no other strangers that might see how I look. 🙂


the productivity I am doing right now. I need to continue this. More motivation pls. 🙂


to eat shawarma. Argg. Craving attack!


to finish at least 2 more detailed lesson plans tonight.


a little bit nervous. I am thinking lots of things right now and most of them are negative. 😦


the mouse of the computer, my cellphone

So you, what are you doing? try and join The Sunday Currently by siddathornton here

La vie est belle.

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 3

Finally! These past few Sundays, lots of things happened. We’ve been busy going here and there, going out everywhere. Every Sunday we usually went home late that’s why I was not able to write or update my TSC anymore. My last TSC was when I celebrated my birthday and I am just so happy right now. It is really good to be back. So here it is…




my topics for tomorrow’s discussion because I will be the one who will teach the kinder students for this week.


my detailed lesson plans. I need to finish my 15 detailed lesson plans because final teaching demonstration is fast approaching. Good luck! Whoo


to If My Heart Was a House by Owl City. Omg this song is so perfect! ❤ Owl City never fails to make us feel that love is just there.


about what lessons will I teach for my 2 teaching demonstrations.


our dinner, Pulutok (A Kapampanga Bopis) Yummy! 🙂


for a miracle to happen. I really have lots of wishes. Haha 🙂


that my pimples will go away. It is so annoying every time I can feel them whenever I touch my face and I can’t help but to pinch the. Yhh


my favorite daster! So presko. 🙂


the new theme of La vie est belle. Check it more here


that my tablet will be okay so soon. Please I really need to transfer my files.


to finalize my Instructional Materials for tomorrow’s teaching.


super blessed. Thank you Lord for this great day. ❤


the mouse of the computer, my cellphone

So that’s it! My The Sunday Currently Volume 3. Hope that I will be able to update more of my TSC. 🙂 So you, what are you doing? try and join The Sunday Currently by siddathornton here

La vie est belle.

2015-Year End: Baguio Escapade

The unexpected moments become the best memories. Yes I really believe in this saying. You wanna know why? Because with less preparation and with no bomba friends we were able to visit Baguio City! Yay! One of my best girlfriends specifically Ghel asked us if we could help her to go to Baguio City to meet different companies for their upcoming plant tour. She even said that she would provide our transportation fee. So are we gonna said no with that kind of offer plus the fact that it will be my first time to go to Baguio? So I said yes excitedly despite of not asking my parents if they would allow me but I know them specially my mama, she would support me in this haha. Moment na talaga namen toh!

So we planned to have our Baguio escapade after Christmas which is we agreed on the date December 28, 2015. We went to the bus terminal 11pm and because we have to wait for the bus going to Baguio to come, we waited for almost 2 hours. The bus arrived at 2am and then we started on our travel! Yay! We arrived at Baguio City around 5:30 in the morning. So around 3-4 hours of travel. I feel asleep during the travel because I am not feeling well. Actually before the travel I am not in my good condition and I feel like having a mild fever. Nevertheless, nothings gonna stop us from having fun and rocking Baguio City! Hehe. The coldness of Baguio was unbeatable. It was my first time to experience that kind of cold. I guess it was 14°C that time (I thought that time my fever went high haha pero kinakaya padin. hehe)

A few minutes of stopover. Ghel was not here. She was sleeping inside the bus. 😀


The arrival! 😀


While waiting for the Baguio Municipal to open we went first to Burnham Park and the coldness brrrrr. . We even saw lots of Baguio peeps jogging that early morning. They don’t mind the cold! They said that when the weather is cold, it is the best time to burn fats because you will really have to strive to get sweat with that kind of weather.







Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun 🙂

While we still waits for the municipal to open, we ate our breakfast in a small korean food stall. We ordered ramyun and a very huge watermelon. Still my body was not in a good condition but I still tried to eat but wasn’t able to finished my ramyun. Sayang masarap pa naman sa anghang swak na swak sa lamig ng Baguio.

YUMMY for only Php10.00 each. 🙂

Why does my face looks a little bit scary here? haha #sinatpamore #wrongtiming

At 8am the Baguio Municipal was opened and Ghel talked to one of the representatives. They gave us all the plantation companies and we immediately went to all those companies.

Mr. Sun came. Heavenly feeling. ❤




Here we are at Baguio Plantations.



After visited and coordinated to the different plantation in Baguio. Next stop was we have to look for Manang Tess, the owner of the  transient house that Ghel and her classmates will be staying at.

We went back to Burnham Park and luckily no crowded tourists yet.


We were not able to try to ride on these bikes because we were running out of time. Chos! but we really have to look first for Manang Tess.


Picture first! So perfect place. Feels like we were out of the country. Haha



Looking for Manang Tess. 😀


Finally! We were able to find the transient house of Manang Tess. It was a beautiful place to stay though it was a little bit far from the Burnham Park.


We rode a taxi in going back to Burnham Park or should I say going to the terminal of Mines View Park. Yes! Mines View Park was our next stop and before we were about to go there, we had our lunch first and we experienced this 2 hours of line at the terminal going to Mines View Park. Yes 2 hours! We tried to rode a taxi but the taxi driver does not want to take us to Mines View because he said that it was traffic going there due to lots of tourists. So, no choice we have to face the long line in order to see the Mines View.

And waiting be like… hahaha I was not able to feel the 2 hours because of these crazy friends that I have. Hahaha. We just had a crazy moments to ignore the long line. #dangwa #mybebelove. Hahaha. The video was uploaded at the end of this post. 🙂

Finally! At Mines View Park. Yipee!

And this time crowd tourists surprised us. Kaya naman pala pahirapan pumunta dito. But still we succeed in going here! Yay!



Yay! Wearing of the colorful Igorot Native Dress for only Php20.00












After the sight seeing and picture taking to the breath taking view, we bought some pasalubongs for the love ones. Chos! hehe


After buying some pasalubongs, our real planned was to go to the Paskuhan Village but unfortunately, Clarissa said that there was an entrance fee of 100 pesos and we were not prepared for that entrance fee anymore because we really do not have any money that time. Sad huh. 😦 Katakawan kase lol. Haha. So we just agreed to go to SM Baguio and it was also already late that time. It was around 7pm and we look for some foods there but didn’t find any vacant place to eat (grabi talaga dami ng tao) so we just decided to eat at the terminal. We ate lugaw and luckily I was able to eat naman what I ordered but I did not finished it at all. Still not in a good condition huh after all the gala? Haha. Yes I drank my medicine every after 4 hours so I felt a little bit better that time plus I really did not feel any sickness at all because I am with the best crazy friends. Naks! Haha. We left Baguio City at 9pm and we arrived at Pampanga at 2am. My parents fetched me that time and my tatang was not mad hehe. 🙂 I fell asleep the whole travel so when we got home I felt a little bit okay and I missed the Pampanga heat. 😀



Super thank you guys, Clarissa, Liberty and most specially to Ghel for granting one of my wishes. Hahaha. I enjoyed my first Baguio experience with you guys that was filled with  craziness and laughter. Truly we will never have any dull moment together. Kamuritan always! Love you so much guys. I will miss the shaky feeling due to the super cold weather, the strawberry taho and sweet fruits, all the places we’ve been and of course those fun memories that we did in Baguio. After this travel, I found the true meaning of a strong connection between friends. We are sisters by heart. I love you guys and super thank you for making the last days of my 2015 super mega extra special and fantastic! Mwaah! More to come! Love Love. LA VIE EST BELLE. ❤



Rodic’s Diner: Tapsilog

When I visited UP Diliman last year during my semestral break, together with my ever supportive and best girlfriend Edcille that I really miss right now, she introduced me to this kind of Diner inside UP Diliman. It was the Rodic’s Diner located at University Shopping Center, UP Diliman. Rodic’s is very famous for their Tapsilog. I ordered the tapsilog with scrambled egg and Edcille ordered the sunny side up egg. It was really definitely undoubtedly one of a kind tapsilog especially if you will put vinegar on it and I tell you that their tapsilog was by far the most heavenly, scrumptious, well-prepared and well-seasoned Tapsilog I ever tasted. Ahh super super heavenly and after I tasted it I just forgot my name for about an hour haha. That’s just the effect when you taste their out of this world tapsilog. They really serve the best Tapsilog in the country. It was my first time to taste it and definitely not my last. 🙂 Sarap! Per order is Php80 very student friendly. 🙂 They are really known for their super budget-friendly classic Filipino dishes.  Hoping to come back this year and preparing myself (tummy :D) for their scrumptious tapsilog. Nyyaaaa. See you soon! 😀

SPED Christmas Party 2015

After our Christmas parties to our respective teaching school, we, the SPED family decided to have a Christmas Party! Yaaay! And it went so much fun!! December 21, 2015 we had this awesome party and it was held at the Aircraft, Airforce City in Clark. But before this event, we already asked the full cooperation of each other that every group should prepare their games with prizes, the exchange gifts and many more. Call time was 12:30pm and as usual “filipino time” so we have to wait for the others to come and went to the Aircraft around 1:30pm not bad for one hour huh? 😀 So going back, when we arrived at the place, we fixed our things first and put together all the gifts. How about our foods? Yes! Thanks to Gracia and to her ever supportive family for shouldering the super yummy foods because it was also the very special day of Gracia, it’s her birthday that’s why she chose for the date to make her birthday and the Christmas party to be as one. When Gracia and her family arrived and the foods, we already ate because most of us didn’t eat our lunch. So lafang pa more! haha.

We had alot of games like Kantaririt, Caterpillar Game, Newspaper dance, Charades, 12 days of Christmas, the games of the newspaper gifts (that was super fun! hahaha) and many more games I don’t know what were their names. To summarized, it was truly a very memorable party, full of laughter and everyone enjoyed the day. We all just felt having a more stronger friendship in each of us. We build not just a simple classmates to each other, not just a friendship, but the deeper relationship of being a family despite of our own differences coz we are sped, special kids right? haha. No, but truly I thank and continue to thank God for letting all these people to be part of my life. They just simply, humbly, adorably amazing and I can’t asked for more. SPED is L<3VE. SPED is F<3MILY.



Look! Our baby JM is with us! So cute! ❤ He is the nephew of Armi.


Yummy Food pa more! 🙂 Happy Birthday Gracia.<3




We are just so cute. Hihi



 The newspaper exchange gifts! Hahaha. Funny how it will tricked you to death! 😀

 Everyone is getting their gifts and you are lucky if you got the nice gift but sorry if you got the nonsense gift and that’s the thrill of this kind of exchange gift! Good luck to your fate! 😀

Armi, Ysabel, Ria and Ira were the ones who got the nonsense gifts but of course they didn’t went home crying because we changed the nonsense gift they got to a more nice and perfect gift! 🙂

Armi – from getting an old and used candle, we changed it into a very cutey bear cuddler and notebook.

Ysabel –from getting an old and used bottles of alcohol and deodorant, we changed it into a very useful tissue plus headband and sunglasses. Oha! 😀

Ria – from getting an old and used baby bra (haha), we changed it into a very cute ponytail and hair clip. Oh atlit ah. 😀

Ira – from getting an old and used tshirt, we changed it into a very beautiful and fashionably hanging shirt which Ira liked very much. ❤


And of course we also had our real exchange gifts wherein we got what we really want. 🙂 Despite of the very very light rain, we continued our party and before we went home we  had few more games and again everyone of us went so wild and crazy! hahaha12395428_1137788762939132_180445649_n12421336_1137788822939126_83825225_n12421620_1137788792939129_1604562445_n

Thank you so much Sped Family! Good luck to all of us. Few steps and we are coming to our own road of success! Cheers! La vie est belle! ❤

Send-off Mass

17th of November 2015 where all the 4th year Student Teachers had their send-off mass held at the Holy Guardian Angel Chapel. All the graduating teacher education students from different majors attended the mass. It was a mass to bless us all for our upcoming deployment which started the day after this send-off mass and also in preparation for our practice teaching in the real teaching world. Mixed feelings and emotions! Excited, nervous, and the feeling of i-dont-know-what-to-do are all bugging us and hoping and praying that all our cooperating school and teachers will be kind and considerate enough to all of us practice teachers. Well, just continue to pray and to have a positive outlook on this journey that we will be facing and always remember that no matter what happens, God is always on our side to push and guide us to the road of success! Aja!

Here are some of the photos we took after the mass. We are just so eager to have a class picture wearing our very new and sexy Practice Teaching Uniform! 😀

Teacher Ed Students Major in Special Education. ❤